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Asmongold Shares His Thoughts on Riot's New MMO

Renowned Twitch streamer Zack "Asmongold" recently shared his thoughts on the MMORPG currently in development by Riot Games, voicing his optimism for the game's success. The streamer, well-known for his love of games like World of Warcraft, engaged in a discussion about the upcoming title during a recent livestream on his alternate Twitch channel, Zackrawrr. Asmongold's perspective on this anticipated release provides valuable insight for gamers curious about what to expect from Riot's new venture.

"They Have Everything They Need to Succeed"

During his livestream, Asmongold reacted to lore videos related to the League of Legends universe and was particularly impressed by a CGI video titled "The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic". Following this, he offered his opinion on the massively multiplayer game in development at Riot Games. Asmongold suggested that Riot Games has "everything that they need to succeed," stirring anticipation among his viewers for the forthcoming MMORPG​.

A Comparison with World of Warcraft

Asmongold is no stranger to MMORPGs, having spent a significant portion of his streaming career playing and discussing World of Warcraft. He offered some comparisons between the popular Blizzard game and Riot's upcoming MMORPG during his livestream. One particular point of note was the hype surrounding the new game.

He commented on the hype after observing that a CGI cinematic trailer produced by Riot Games had garnered more than 135 million views, a number that vastly outstrips the views for the announcement of World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Dragonflight, which had two million views.

Asmongold expressed his impression that Riot Games has everything necessary for the game to succeed, citing their "tremendous, massive existing fan base," their "apparently gigantic" world, and the fact that they are a large company with a substantial budget. He also pointed out that Riot Games doesn't have a history of games that have pay-to-win mechanics, a common concern among gamers​.

Riot's Proven Success

In his discussion, Asmongold acknowledged Riot Games' proven track record of success. He highlighted the company's other popular games, Valorant and League of Legends, as examples of this success, noting that despite the occasional complaints from players, these games continue to enjoy large, active player bases.

This track record of success, combined with the resources available to the company, gives Asmongold confidence that Riot's new MMORPG will be a success. He sees Riot Games as having a solid foundation, the necessary resources, and proven success to back up their new venture.

A Streamer's Commitment

The discussion concluded with Asmongold confirming that he would play Riot Games' MMORPG once it releases. His commitment to play the game once it releases is a positive indication of his belief in the potential success of the upcoming MMORPG. His viewers and fans will likely be eager to watch his streams of the game upon its release, adding further to the anticipation surrounding the game's launch​.

Riot Games' upcoming MMORPG has yet to receive an official release date, but it is already generating considerable buzz in the gaming community. As a popular streamer with extensive experience in MMORPGs, Asmongold's positive outlook on the game adds to the anticipation. The gaming community will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on further developments around this much-anticipated title.

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