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Apex Legends Ranked Update

The Season 14 update for Apex Legends aims to improve the game significantly. We have information on Battle Pass modifications, Legends, and weapon buffs and nerfs coming in the new season, and the devs implementing a much-requested quality-of-life update.


Overall, the patch notes also include information on ranked mode modifications, which fans have demanded since Season 13's disappointing Ranked Reloaded episode. Here are all the adjustments to Entry Cost, Kill RP, and the results from Season 13 for the Apex Legends Ranked Leagues.


What Are the Apex Legends Ranks?


We can say that playing Apex Legends can be a ton of fun. The battle royale has much to offer for the casual user, whether you're attempting to hit Octane jump pad trick shots or engaging in a disorderly limited-time method. However, that doesn't imply that competitive players, particularly those interested in Apex Legends ranks, have been kept in the shadows.


One of the best battle royale games available features a ranked option that tests the mastery of your favorite legend rather than just letting you play around with their ultimates. There are seven ranking tiers in Apex Legends, with Bronze being the lowest and going up to Apex Predator. New players will initially be assigned to the Rookie rank, which has no ranking prizes and will last through Seasons 13 and 14.


This change will take effect in seasons 13 and 14 to correctly position new players into the following brackets offering them an opportunity to become accustomed to Apex Legends' rated modes. 


Apex Legends Season 14 Ranked Changes


  1. Entry Cost

First, Respawn Entertainment has chosen to make yet another adjustment to the Season 14 entry fee for Ranked in Apex Legends. In Season 13, the entry cost was altered for the second split, with the developers lowering it. The entry cost will rise by five for all divisions in Season 14; it appears the developers are going back on this modification. 


  1. Kill RP

The Kill RP setting in Apex Legends Season 14 will change next. Kill RP has become less prevalent since the significant modifications to ranking in Season 13, and the Season 14 ranked changes are intended to offset that.


As a result of the developers' decision to remove "diminishing rewards on eliminations," players will no longer accept less RP for kills that don't result in a high placement. This should increase the value placed on Kill RP and result in a more competitive experience.


  1. Rank Reset

Players will have their ranking reset by six divisions, indicating that if you were Platinum I, you would be reduced to Gold II. The programmers also acknowledged the Rank Reset, noting "no change."
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What Are the Apex Legends Ranked Rewards?

After per ranked season, the ranking awards of Apex Legends are distributed depending on how well you performed. The most eminent rank you acquired during that season will earn you charms, dive trails, or badges.



That's everything you need to know about the Apex Legends ranked update. The ranking is the pinnacle of competition for players, regardless of whether they are Seer experts or ardent Loba supporters.

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