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Why is Runescape Still so Popular?

There are so many games that we get obsessed with and forget about a few months later; however, there are also a few games that we cannot stop playing no matter how old they are.

Runescape has been played for a long time now, so why is it still so popular? It has been enjoyed by many since its' launch as one of the first completely free MMORPGs. Read below to find out why it is still a go-to option for many individuals.


What Features Make Runescape so Popular?


This game:


·         Is free to play.

·         Contains unique content.

·         Has imaginative gameplay.

·         No specific sense of direction.


Free to Play


Many people do not enjoy having to pay for an online game. Any free-to-play game already has a point of attraction to potential players.


Unique Content


There are a variety of things you can do with Runescape. Many mini-games exist within the game itself.


Imaginative Gameplay


One of the many reasons people love to play this game is because there is so much to do. You can constantly progress further into the game by earning Runescape gold. All you need to do is download the game.


No Specific Direction


You can select your own goals and achieve them when you have the time to. This relaxed atmosphere is what draws people to the game as you do not want to feel pressure when you are doing something for your enjoyment. You can gain different skills at your own pace.  


The History of Runescape


Runescape was originally introduced in January 2001. This game allowed players to interact with one another and play games. At this time, the graphics were more than decent. The gameplay was slightly repetitive; however, the compulsive loop was enjoyed by many. Runescape continued to grow in this way due to its’ younger audience. There was the option of paying a small amount, which gave players access to an increased number of areas, monsters, and other goods.


This specific setup remained the same for the next 12 years. There was a constant expansion and addition of new rewards, quests, goods, and mini-games. This helped to keep the Runescape community stable. The updates continued to offer players something different.


Runescape 3 was introduced in 2013; this changed the dynamic of the game. New graphics, interfaces, and features, such as the wheel of fortune, were added. People disliked this tremendously. The game lost many subscribers. This led to the developers launching an old school version of the game and a free version in 2015. This caused many players to return to the community.


In 2018, a Mobile Old School Runescape was launched. This is what picked up the popularity of the game again, despite being very similar to the 2007 PC version. This shows that the classic and simple style of the game is admired by many to this day.  


The Bottom Line


People have loved Runescape since its’ launch. Slight advancements to the technology are the only things required to keep audiences engaged. When it comes to Runescape, sticking to its’ original roots is all that is needed to keep the game popular.