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Track Your Dota Match History: A Quick and Easy Tutorial

Several third-party resources make up for what Dota 2 lacks. Which platforms should you trust?

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Many players of Dota 2 have been involved with the game for years. When you dedicate so much time to something, you probably want something to remember all your achievements.


Unfortunately, the game itself provides minimal statistics about individual gameplay. Some of the information you get from Dota 2 includes:


  • Recent games
  • Wins and losses
  • Abandons


To many gamers, this is not enough data for a thorough experience, especially if they want to see the stats of other players. Dota 2 is a MOBA video game, wherein an algorithm matches up similar skill sets for competition. Being able to see other players’ performances can help you become better.


Several third-party resources make up for what Dota 2 lacks. Which platforms should you trust? Continue reading to learn about how to track your match history and other performance statistics.


Resources for Dota 2 Stats


The best way to obtain your match history data is by using a third party. There are several options, and you should pick the one with the capabilities you desire most.




One of the most trusted Dota 2 information platforms is Dotabuff. When compared to other sites, this one goes above and beyond. Some of the data includes:


  • Most played heroes
  • Performance in team play
  • Overall win-loss average


Users can also access the statistics of their opponents, though they must enable Dotabuff to view their performance data.


The platform also has a story mode feature, which is a unique and fun way to engage with your gaming data.


To access all these features, you must log in with your Steam account. From there, Dotabuff uses advanced technology to gather information about the account and everything that you have achieved while using it.




OpenDota is another reliable way to gather your match history. Given how much data it displays, this platform is perfect for more advanced players. It can present the following information through your Steam account:


  • Hero performance
  • Actions taken in every match
  • Best and worst performances
  • Longest game
  • Highest GPM


The platform offers much more—almost too much to count. As a result, it is fun to explore the site for all the information it tracks.


Many gamers say that the number of statistics could be overwhelming for more beginner Dota 2 users. Therefore, newbies can rely on Dotabuff for their information. OpenDota caters to the more advanced.




Gamers often use Stratz for more than just data tracking. It started just like OpenDota and Dotabuff in that it displayed statistical information about your account. However, it now has a downloadable in-game assistant.


The purpose of this assistant is to help you better understand your games while playing them. It provides information about the opponent and makes suggestions about your strategy. However, it has become more and more controversial, as many gamers do not utilize this service and claim it is unfair.


Nevertheless, the website provides in-depth information about your gameplay. Although it falls short of this when compared to the other platforms, the in-game assistant is what stands out most.


Stats for Dota 2 – Mobile Friendly


Players do not have to resort to websites for tracking their match history. Instead, they can go to their phone. Stats for Dota 2 is a trusted platform for Android users to track their game history as well as anybody else they know who plays.


Some users of the application complain about some hiccups, but overall, the reviews are positive.


Additionally, the app designers understand how some platforms use client information. They include clear details about the data you input so that you can use the app comfortably.




This platform is not designed for standard players to search for their statistics. Rather, it is a database for the statistics of pro players. If you are just starting out with Dota 2—or even if you have been playing for a long time—examining the statistics of professional players can help you improve your game overall.


All the data is displayed using a chart format. As such, it is clear and easy to use. Plus, it is all divided into four sections:


  • Heroes
  • Teams
  • Players
  • Tournaments


You can find out who the most successful players are, which teams are at the top of their game, and much more. The data is routinely updated too.


The platform offers more than just professional statistics. It also provides developmental courses to help you improve your success rate.


The Bottom Line


Dota 2 does not offer many in-house statistics about game performance. That means that players must rely on third parties to acquire critical data about their gameplay.


As such, you must insert their account information onto another platform. You should trust a website or application before doing this.


The platforms listed above are trusted within the Dota 2 community and do not disappoint with their information.