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Hidden Path Entertainment is a video game developer. Counter Strike: Global Offensive was developed by the Hidden Path Entertainment. The mode of this game is a multi-player game. This game is a first-person shooter genre. This game is consisting of two teams. This game (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) is an easy game to do. You just need to buy such guns and weapons that you need when attacking your enemy. You should plant many bombs in the different areas or places in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

This game is just like a PUBG. In this game, you should protect all the hostages, and you should protect yourself from your enemy. You need to target your enemy for you to be able to go anywhere. This game (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) is installed only on the computer so, you need a computer network for you to be able to play as much as you want. The two teams will be classified as terrorists and Counter Terrorists that two opponents should kill themselves until the one player survives. There are many categories when you purchase a gun or a weapon.

Even in this game, you will see different kinds of guns like pistols, rifles, grenades and etc. When you look at your screen there is a map located at the top of your screen that map will help you to find your enemy, allies, and opponent. That map will identify where you are going and wherever you are. There is a danger zone most especially when someone hits you. There is a blood that will pop up on your screen when someone hits you, then if that is the case you need to find the safe zone for you to be safe and for you to survive. If you hit you enemy there is a corresponding amount of money that you will receive that money or points will help you to purchase the different guns that are either a pistols and rifles. That points will help you also to purchase different weapons as well as the different kinds of bombs.

When you play this game (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), you need to read all the instructions that will help you to make that game easy. As time passes by, this game is improving and upgrading into a different features and versions.

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