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League of Legends: The Meaning of L9

League of Legends, commonly known as LoL, is a game that can be played by anyone and everyone.

League of Legends, commonly known as LoL, is a game that can be played by anyone and everyone. This game has modes for casual gamers, you can choose to play solo or with a team, and you can play as well with other entire teams. Whether you play for fun or competitively, this is a game that you could play. If you are looking for a quick start in the game, you could perhaps look into buying a new account to skip the boring process of leveling a new account to 30.

It is also possible to form clubs in this game, and it is actually very easy to do so. You may want to choose to start a club with your friends and with other people you interact with, and it can grow to any number you would want it to. Some clubs in LoL tend to grow in large numbers. There are a lot of both infamous and famous clubs in this game but one most known and notorious, the L9, a shorter name for Low 9.

What and who exactly is L9?

L9 or Low 9 was a club or group created by Obsess and RatIRL. A popular Twitch streamer named Hail9 inspired its name. With little to no luck in searching for a name, Obsess finally decided on picking up the name "L9". At first, there was no intention of turning this into a group, but once Obsess talked to a close friend of his, RatIRL, they decided to form a club wherein they'd troll other gamers and users of the game.

How L9 started

Gaining recognition and fame on Twitter was one primary reason why the group was created, one feat difficult for players who were Solo-Q at that time. RatIRL and Obsess, although creators of the group, claimed that they are not the ones to be credited for the reputation and fame bestowed on L9. There were members who established bad images for L9, which was one of the reasons for its fast rise to popularity.

The Known OG Members of L9


He is, without a doubt, the most well-known of the founding members. They formed one of the most toxic duos on the European server in previous seasons with Ap0calypse. 


0bsess is most likely the creator of whL9. He sought to exhibit his skills in the competitive arena after being renowned as a poisonous jungler main but an extreme solo talent.

Ap0calypse is the most divisive of the four founding members, as well as the one who has received the least amount of attention. Because he rarely streams and has never competed professionally, he is pretty much unknown.

Its Reputation

If you ask League players their take on L9, you'll practically get a lot of negative feedback. Whereas the L9 members that associate and link to RatIRL and Obsess are naturally decent, they are likewise toxic, as demonstrated by their usage of symbols, pings, as well as ban evasion. In addition, not everyone in L9 engages in the group's signature activities and behaviors. Obsess never take lobbies hostage, instigate games, or engage in any other severely toxic behavior that could lead to LoL honor rewards loss. The group members who enhance accounts take in RatIRL and Obsess, as well as those playing professionally. There will always be fanboys in major gaming clubs.

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