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Introduction to League of Legends


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League of Legends is a game on a computer. This game is just the same as the DOTA 2 and Mobile Legends because this is an online game. This game is also a multiplayer game. You can play with yourself, but it is an advisable one and a better one if you can play with your team. Since this is just like a Dota and Mobile legends, but they differ in play style you need to protect the statue or the base of your team with your team so that your enemies will not destroy your statue or base.

This game needs a two-team and that teams should have 5 players so, to be exactly this game should have overall 10 players. The goal of this game is you need to break and destroy the statue or base of your enemies so that at the end of the game you will not be defeated. When you are playing a league of legends if you have enough money try to buy a hero that you wanted or the item that will help you to gain life and will help you to fight the creeps, destroy the base, and fight off your enemies. This game is an online game, wherein you can use your personal computer or mobile phones. But it is better when you use your mobile phone because you can bring this wherever you are.

You can play league of legends anywhere and everywhere as long as you have internet access for you to be able to play league of legends. It is easy to play, but make sure that you have enough signal that will not affect your performances when you are playing. League of Legends is considered also a riot game. League of legends is considered also the first rank in the most-watched online games on YouTube as well as on Facebook. When you have siblings, it is better that you will never let them play this one most especially if they are 10 below because this game is advisable for a teen aging 17 above.

You will enjoy playing this one most especially this game is suited for boys because League of Legends is a Riot Game. But if some girls want to play this one you should enjoy this too and make sure that you will understand all the rules in playing league of legends.