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Dragonflight 2022: World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion

Just two years after the release of “The Shadowlands,” Blizzard has recently released a teaser for their new expansion called “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.”

Just two years after the release of “The Shadowlands,” Blizzard has recently released a teaser for their new expansion called “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.” The new expansion will introduce a lot of new things like a new race and maps, among other things. To prepare you for the upcoming expansion updates, here are a few things that the new expansion will bring to the expansive World of Warcraft.

New Maps

The Dragonflight brings about The Dragonflight brings about five new maps that players can explore in their adventure on the new Dragon Isle continent- home of the Dragonflights of Azeroth.

The Waking Shores - The first zone is where players will be exploring will be the battlefield of the champions called upon by Wrathion to retake the Citadel of the Black Dragonflights from the enemies.

Ohn’ahran Plains - A zone filled with lush grasslands that is home to the Centaur tribe of Maruuk, a tribe that had a pact with the green Dragonflights in ancient times. With the death of Ysera, the green dragons’ future, along with the Ohn’ahran Plains, become uncertain.

The Azure Span - Home to the Blue Dragonflights and the gnolls and furbolgs, the Azure span features a tundra biome stretching from the coastal tuskarr villages to the looming spires of ice and snow. The Azure span also holds the magical archives of the Blue Dragonflights residing in the area.

Thaldraszus - Dubbed as the shining beacon of the dragons’ kingdom, Thaldraszus holds the seat of power for the Aspects and their flights. The bronze Dragonflights also call this place their home, where they watch over the timeways to ensure the past and future of Azeroth.

Forbidden Reach - Fashioned by the Earth-Warder Neltharion, the forbidden reach serves as the training grounds of his ultimate soldiers, the dracthyr. The Forbidden reach is located near the coast of the Dragon Isles and is also the battlefield of a terrible war from long ago. After being dormant following the war, the return of an ancient enemy awakens the dracthyr residing in the Forbidden reach.



Introduction Of a New Race/Class Combo

A first for the World Warcraft franchise, Dragonflight introduces the Dracthyr Evoker. As Dracthyr Evokers, players can freely switch between two forms- a humanoid visage and a draconian form to trample any foe that stands in their way. If you are interested to learn more about the most efficient way to play the new expansion you can do that using coaching services.

New Feature

Dragonflight also introduces a new feature called Dragon Riding, a new form of aerial movement. Dragon riding will let the players explore the dragon isles using four different drakes, which they can customize to their own liking. Buying new mounts and items is made easy with the WoW item trading service.

Gameplay Changes

The new expansion brings forth a massive change to the game’s gameplay, making updates on the game’s HUD (Heads Up Display), Profession and crafting, and a new talent system.

HUD Update

The developers have made a significant change in the game’s HUD that caters to the players’ needs, allowing them to customize and move elements of the UI that fits their preferences without the use of add-ons.

Profession and Crafting

The profession and Crafting in Dragonflight are made so that it would be a part of player identity, making it unique to each player. They’re introducing “Calling orders,” which allows players to request another player to craft something even if they don’t have the right means to do it themselves.


The talent system in Dragonflight will use a talent tree where players can choose how their skills progress which is an entirely different system than the previous expansions use.
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