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Best Weapon in Valorant 2022

Valorant is one of the most popular games right now. Again, Riot Games made an incredible game, this time in the shooting genre.

Valorant is one of the most popular games right now. Again, Riot Games made an incredible game, this time in the shooting genre. Valorant today already has a sizable esport community. FPS games are one of the best genres to play, and it's very popular. Success in FPS games is dependent on many factors, one of which is knowledge. Every small detail can win or lose you a game, from maps to weapons.

I know you want to improve your game, so we will show you the best gun you can use in the game. Our top picks are based on user popularity and winning percentage rankings. So without further ado, let's go!

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#1 Operator

The Operator was always going to be in the top tier. This sniper rifle is ideal for holding key angles because it can take down even armored enemies with a single shot to the body. This gun pack so much power that it can one-shot enemy over long distances.

#2 Phantom

According to many players, the Phantom is the best weapon. The Phantom has a manageable recoil compared to other guns in the game, making it a newbie-friendly gun. Phantom also has a faster fire rate than most weapons, allowing you to control recoil while bursting your enemies.

The silencer, which conceals your shooting direction from your enemies, is one of the weapon's most significant advantages. We recommend shooting in bursts mode rather than fully automatic mode if you're using Phantom because it can consume your ammo very fast.

#3 Vandal

If you are not a fan of sniping or not comfortable with high recoil SMG, you might consider Vandal. A hard-hitting Assault rifle is good for mid to long-range combat. The firing rate is slower, and the magazine capacity is less than that of the Phantom. But this weapon packs a powerful punch. You have a high chance of getting a head shot, dropping the enemy with one shot from any range. It only takes four shots to the body with this beast to eliminate your enemies, but the recoil is more difficult to manage.

#4 Odin

.Odin is a weapon that hard to master, but it is unquestionably one of the most powerful in the game. Odin's wall penetration is extremely high, allowing you to easily wall bang your opponents. Odin's magazine holds 100 bullets, ideal for spray and prays situations. If you despise reloading, this is an excellent addition to your arsenal. And I almost forgot, you need strong patience and good calculation because this gun has high recoil, and misfiring a few shots would throw you off.

#5 Bulldog

An underdog weapon with a high utility function. This can is second to none compared to Vandal and Phantom. It has a smaller magazine and slower fire rate, but the recoil is amazing. Perfect for potato aim players.

#6 Sheriff

By far the most lethal pistol in the game. The Sheriff is effective at all ranges and can kill your opponents with a single headshot at less than 30 meters. The downside is that the fire rate is quite slow because it is a revolver. However, if you believe in your aim, the Sheriff will greatly assist you.