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Apex Legends Seven Lethal Weapon for season 12

Apex Legends has over a dozen lethal weapons, but which are the best? Here's our Apex Legends weapon top list to help you figure out which guns to use in season 12.

Apex Legends has over a dozen lethal weapons, but which are the best? Here's our Apex Legends weapon top list to help you figure out which guns to use in season 12.

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The Kraber is undoubtedly Apex Legends' best Legendary armor that will be destroyed by body shots, and headshots will knock an enemy out instantly. It's a powerful weapon that can only be obtained through supply drops, which will be indicated on the map with a unique icon (ripple like water). Krabbe has special ammo. This also means you won't be able to replenish its ammo, leaving you with only eight shots.

M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire is a special weapon only available in a care package, so it deserves to rank second on our powerful gun tier list. The Spitfire has a large magazine, consistent fire rate, manageable recoil, and serious damage. The machinegun is useful for users who aren't the best: if shots (ADS) aren't hitting, aren’t getting this light machine gun, and start bursting fire your way to victory.


This powerful submachine gun exploded into the gun meta and showed no signs of being nerfed again. This submachine gun has always been the favorite of many players in this game. In Season 12, the Volt received a significant damage boost and a larger magazine size.


On the other hand, the Wingman’s sheer cannot be underestimated.  Decrease in bullets and heavy magazine attachment, Nerfs have attempted to bring its popularity down, but it remains a favorite pick. Headshots deal instant death or near 100% damage.

This heavy pistol is one of the deadliest weapons in the game that can 1 shot an enemy if hit on the head. Easy to use because it has good accuracy. A perfect weapon for picking an enemy in short to mid-range.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout was converted from a sniper rifle to an assault rifle, greatly increasing its utility. As a self-proclaimed "scout rifle," "t performs b "st at medium ranges, where you can take advantage of its damage and fast rate of fire. A mag mod is required, but a double-tap to the trigger can deal damage twice as much.

Triple Take

Even though minor damage decreased in past season 12, the Triple Take remains one of the best snipers you can use in the game. Although it's a sniper rifle, it's best used at the mid-distance because the ammo projectile cant spread that far. Now that this super-powerful energy blaster is on the battlefield, we can proudly proclaim it a top-tier weapon and a usable sniper for all types of players.


This powerful shotgun was removed from special care packages in the past season and has since become floor loot. Even better, the "PK" still feels" good as it used to. It’s even better now since it comes with a standard with Precision Choke and the new "Kinetic Feeder" hop-up in Sea" on 12. Following the massive Season 8 nerfs to the Mastiffs, the Peacekeeper is finally returning to the meta gun ranking list.