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Apex Legends for Beginners

One of the latest online games released on February 4,2019, by Electronics Arts and was developed by Respawn Entertainment, is the Apex Legends.

The game gains popularity, as a proof is the 25 million players who registered in just a week after its launch and 50 million players in a month. As of July 2019, it was statistically shown that apex legend is gaining up to 10 million players every week.

Apex Legends is composed of 3 squads or teams that have 20 players each, a total of 60 players. Each squad players will be going to an island where the battle arena is located. Each player should search for their weapons and other equipment that they can use during the battle with other players of the opponent squad. You can also fight in hand to hand combat fight with other players to get their weapons. As the game continues, the size of the map and the battle arena decreases so that the squad must protect themselves from getting killed until they reach the safe zone on the island that will make them the winner if the game. The players are selecting their own specific characters to use, also known as the legends.

Each legend in the game has specific abilities, weaknesses, and strengths.  Legends usually start as weak fighters because they have less experience, and they do not have weapons to protect themselves from the other players. The game set of apex legend is the teamwork of each squad. Teamwork is one of the most important keys to survive the game. Alongside teamwork, players use the game controller to non-verbally communicate with their squad. The game controller also called Pinging is the way of the squads to communicate with each other to know their locations, weapon location, and the danger zone. If one player of the squad hot knocked down from a battle fight, their teammates could have the power to revive them. But if one of the players from a squad got killed, to be able to revive and resurrect them, one of their teammates should have collected a banner. A banner appears in the location where one of their teammates died, and it should be brought to one of the beacons of the island to save and resurrect their teammate.

Apex Legend is an online game that needs to be moderately used because esports are created for entertainment, not for addiction.