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PUBG is a battleground. PUBG is a computer game or an online game. PUBG is just like a counter strike, but these two games have differences. When you are about to play a PUBG you need to open your data and WiFi to access the said game while the counter strike is an offline game, yet you need to install this application on your laptop or computer. You can play by yourself, and you can also play with your team. It has an option, whether it is multiplayer or single-player. You can play this application as much as you want, but you need to limit yourself from playing this game because PUBG is one of the most famous online games here on Earth. That is why you need to be careful of yourself because there are some people who got addicted to this game.

This game will eat your time, but when you are playing this, you will forget all the problems you have, and this game will serve as your stress reliever. The best thing you can do when you decided to play this one is to have your team so that at the end of the game you will not be defeated. At least 1-2 hours of playing PUBG is enough for you as well as your teammates. In this game, there are 100 players then you belong to that 100 hundred players. Run when there is an enemy because your enemy will heat until you are being hit, and you need to run and run when there is blood on your screen.

You really need to run and walk fast, going to the safe zone, to be able to be safe and live. There is also a map there on your screen that will guide you, and that will help you to be in the safe zone. When you are there in the safe zone you will be one of the survivors there. You also have the right to choose what type of weapon you will be using. When you shoot your enemy, you will have corresponding money that you will be used to buy such items, most especially the boots that will help you to run fast, guns, as well as weapons. This is, indeed, an enjoyable game so far many teens right now are playing this kind of game.

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