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MapleStory Item

Whatever Maplestory Item you're looking for, here at igitems we've got it! Forget farming while we make it easy. Simply filter for the exact item you're looking for, or reach out to us for something specific. We're here to help!

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We offer the most pleasant virtual good trading experience available.

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We provide the safest trading environment. Buy and sell worry-free.

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MapleStory Item Trading

Getting MapleStory items on our marketplace is easy! Just type in what you need, filter by preferences, and pay for it using any of our payment options.

Save time, money and maximize safety from buying directly from our professional MapleStory sellers. Forget running countless dungeons and get great deals on our easy-to-use interactive marketplace.

But, I know what you're thinking. What about items that are untradeable? We've got you covered. For items that aren't tradeable, our friendly seller will help your character run through any given dungeon or quest until you've got your item!

Alternatively, some of our sellers can also play on your account to get you your desired item.

Is Buying MapleStory Items Safe?

This is a common question among new and veteran players alike. Though there are several places to get your hands on some rare MapleStory items (ranging from weapons, armor, or other various accessories), not all of these places are guaranteed safe.

For instance, some of the more infamous sites have been reported to be unreliable for quite some time now; upon purchasing an "uncommon" weapon for $20, you could end up with junk instead!

Fortunately, there is another way, with igitems we have developed a marketplace that protects both buyers and sellers!

Transacting with other players through our marketplace is safe and secure. Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that all offers for MapleStory Items are genuine as well as ensuring the item has been delivered before the payment towards the seller occurs.

So whether you're looking for a rare item or one just to get you started, our platform guarantees you'll have a safe, easy and fun time doing so! If you have any questions, concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach out through our customer support system that is available around round the clock, as well as traditional methods of contact such as email.

Is Buying MapleStory Items Worth It?

Other than saving you a lot of time, buying MapleStory 2 items also saves you from the frustration of spending hours farming for your favorite weapon or armor only to find that someone else got it first!

Though these benefits may seem minor in comparison to the length and detail of the MMORPG itself, purchasing items online just makes life easier overall.

How to get MapleStory Items

There are a variety of items in MapleStory, each with its own unique benefit. Some can only be obtained by purchasing them from the store using real-life currency, while others might require certain level ranges before appearing as drops on monsters like bosses and elite variants.

One of the most popular ways to get rare weapons is through dungeons, also known as "Fields" in-game, which are areas on the map outside of towns where players can find monsters to fight against. When in a town or Safe Zone, any monsters that would normally appear around your location will not spawn.

How do I get to a dungeon? Once you've reached level 10, go to any one of the four major towns and enter through one of two portals close by.

There are different dungeons for the three job classes: Warrior, Magician, and Archer. The portals will take you to a dungeon that corresponds with your character's job class (so if you're an archer, you can go through one of the two portals near Perion to go to the "Archer" or "Bowman" dungeon). Once entered, exit through any portal again, and you'll be in a different part of the same map but as a different character class. Each character has its own unique starting location, so each dungeon is essentially one large map composed of many smaller maps linked together by portals.

Which level should I be? The dungeons are divided into many different levels for players of all experience levels. There is no minimum player level requirement for entering a dungeon, so players below level 10 can enter any dungeon they choose. That makes getting items easy as higher level players can clear some of these dungeons with ease.

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