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Powerful Weapons in Overwatch

Blizzard's online shooter has a ton of amazing weapons to choose from, but to win your gam...

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Blizzard's online shooter has a ton of amazing weapons to choose from, but to win your game, you need a proper weapon. Of course in essence this comes down to the overall effectiveness of heroes but, here are top weapon picks in the game:

Zenyatta's Orbs of Destruction

Although Zenyatta appears to be calm, we can guarantee you he is far from it. Our favorite Overwatch weapon is his Orbs of Destruction, which have a high success rate in hitting and occasionally even sticking to targets. Zenyatta may hurl orbs from his necklace at enemies in rapid succession or charge up his shots to fire five at once, dealing massive damage to large groups of foes. With the Orb of Discord, he can also attach an enemy and increase their vulnerability to enemy fire while they are inside the player's line of sight.

Mei's Endothermic Blaster

The Endothermic Blaster can freeze an opponent in their tracks when used properly. Overwatch's sonic boom is still one of our favorite weapons because of its excellent range, and the long-lasting freeze effect makes enemies vulnerable to your teammates' strikes. As a bonus, Mei may use this weapon to unleash icicles, which can do a significant amount of damage, even though the weapon's rate of fire isn't as quick as other weapons in the game. When Mei is protecting her allies, she can put a lot of opponents on the ropes and have a significant impact. She is a support character, if you don’t like that kind of playstyle perhaps before choosing a hero think about which class you should choose from.

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer

Reinhardt will appeal to Overwatch players who prefer close-quarters combat to carrying a gun. Along with his shield, he's an excellent deterrent in Overwatch, and he can also use his Rocket Hammer to slam an opponent into submission. He can perform a variety of melee attacks with remarkable accuracy and range by swivelling the weapon. Despite his vulnerability to close-range fire, he can still make a difference in clearing out an area with his striking ability. He may also use this hammer to launch a focused fire assault at an opponent who is far away with a Fire Strike. He can unleash a shockwave that knocks down all adversaries in its path with his Earthshatter attack. The easiest way to unlock Reinhardt’s Golden Weapon is to purchase an account with Golden Weapons already unlocked.

Reaper's Disposable Shotguns

Most of us enjoy using Reaper's shotgun, which has a long range and can be fired quickly after reloading. As a result, Reaper poses a danger. He tosses them in the trash when he runs out of weapons and gets a fresh pair. That alone elevates these shotguns to an entirely new level of quality compared to similar weapons found in other games. Reaper's other ghostly skills and these Hellfire firearms will help him win the game. Playing Reaper is difficult however, we recommend hiring a coach to hone your skills before bringing him to ranked!

Hanzo's Storm Bow

There have been many archers in video games, but Hanzo's Overwatch weapon of choice is a step above the rest. His Storm Bow unleashes terrible power. For Hanzo and his friends, he has a Sonic Arrow that can track opponent movements for several seconds and a Scatter Arrow that can hit with better precision. However, his Dragonstrike is the most powerful, firing a pair of dragons across the screen that inflict damage on anybody in their path.

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