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Looking for the best way to survive ARK? It’s all about being prepared. Unfortunately, getting prepared within this huge game can often be time-consuming and difficult, why not skip that and ensure your success with Dinos, Eggs, and Kibble from igitems!

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About ARK: Survival Evolved

You may have heard of ARK: Survival Evolved, but did you know that it is full of more than just dinosaurs and resources? In this game, there are also items such as Tek, Metal Walls, and Elemental Dust Gachas. These elements come together at your disposal, ensuring your success in this survival game.

The survival of man is at stake in the newest evolution: ARK Survival Evolved. This prehistoric world has been transformed with a number of unpredictable creatures that will do anything to see you die from environmental dangers or other players vying for your food supply. You must scour this landscape, tame wildlife through ARK eggs, and gather resources. Or worse yet, hunting parties may come by any minute looking specifically for human prey.

There are many ways to acquire supplies in ARK, from wildlife domestication, such as Rex and Dilo kibble. You can buy them from other players or get one through the sale of eggs from a third-party website like igitems. You may also need to purchase Wyvern milk which is only available if the player has a female wyvern or an alpha boss-queen. It’s not so easy finding these resources though. Finally, there's always getting yourself some new allies like Quetzals who will sell any animal companion at whatever price they please - perfect for those looking forward to adventures outside their home island.

What Top ARK: Survival Evolved Items Should You Acquire?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game that takes place on an island where players have to do all sorts of things from fishing, hunting, and crafting items. However, if you don't have these necessary resources, it can be difficult as there might not exist any nearby locations with what you're looking for. In this case, players sometimes choose to buy them from sellers.

Here are some most useful items in order for you to survive the longest in ARK Survival Evolved:

  • Vault: The survival of your tribe depends on the durability and security of their Vault. With raids from other players looming, it’s essential to build an impenetrable base that can keep everything safe inside - treasure included.
  • Bolas: There's no need to run from a fight when you have the bolas. These grappling hooks are an excellent early game tool, and their usefulness doesn't diminish with time. You can save yourself in dangerous situations by tossing these little devices mid-roam so that they attach themselves onto Ark dinos of higher levels than yours, giving them enough slack before violently snapping back towards you.
  • Pearls: These treasures can be found in the deep blue sea. They're one of the game's most precious resources. Pearled items require special materials called "silica pearls" as an ingredient - these beautiful gems provide powerful enchantments for your gear when crafted properly.
  • Pike: A pike means not being wasteful with resources. When shooting pretty much anything that moves can drain resources fast, why not use something easier on ammo like sticks?
  • Rocket Launcher: This powerful weapon can level down bases and enemy tribes with just one shot. It's worth investing in, but make sure you have enough resources first.
  • Bows: When you start playing this game initially unarmed in the wild, look for bows that can make you a hunter instead of the hunted.

Why Buy ARK: Survival Evolved Items?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game that will keep you on your toes, with hours of intense gameplay. You'll find yourself grounded in an undiscovered tropical island populated by colossal dinosaurs and must survive the dangers thereof, all while scavenging for resources like wood or metal to craft tools necessary against foes like Triceratops. At the same time, you have to build robust shelters from what little pieces are left behind after they're dead.

The game is challenging for beginners and punishes those who make mistakes. That means that in order to survive and progress through the ARK Survival Evolved's vast map, you need good gear from beginning to end, or it will be all but impossible. Thanks largely to the popular item trading marketplaces online, you'll find plenty of valuable items that help you progress through the harsh environment.

What ARK: Survival Evolved Items to Buy?

Dinos: In ARK: Survival Evolved, you'll encounter a ton of different creatures, with dinosaurs being by far the most well-known and sought after. You will find herbivores, carnivores, or piscivores that can have various temperaments, such as passive/docile depending on their type; some even have varying reactions toward other dinos based on if they're aggressive enough for combat (think taming). One key part about taming these wild animals is determining what will work best for you. One of the most exciting parts of playing in this game is that you can ride on some dinosaurs, giving yourself combat advantages. You might even get loot from them, such as meat or pearls. Taming dinos is one of the key parts to survival in ARK. Not only does taming make your life easier, but it also gives you a beast that works for you! Tamed creatures are good monsters who can collect Resources or fight enemies if needed on either side.

Wyverns: ARK Wyverns are fast, powerful creatures that can be utilized for harvesting or taming. They have a strong breath weapon and good stamina, so they're useful as combat and travel mounts in the game. If you prefer collecting items over fighting enemies, then these wyverns still make great additions to your inventory.

Kibble: For those who want to tame a creature quickly and easily, kibble may be your best option. Kibbles come in several different varieties: basic for lower-level creatures like Chinchilla or Skinks; then there's simple, regular, superior; exceptional provides even more power as well as extraordinary that only works at its maximum potential when taming exotic species such as Griffins.

Metal Ingots: You'll need Metal Ingots to craft all of the most important equipment in ARK: Survival Evolved, like firearms and explosive weapons. They're also used for making ammunition, electrical cables, pickaxes (sticks), vaults which store items safely - you name it. Metal Ingot has many uses on its own and can be traded with other survivors. Buying these will help you advance much quicker than gathering them yourself.

Weapons: ARK is full of aggressive creatures that can threaten your survival. The right weapon will help you survive even if you don’t plan on fully engaging in PvP battles. Weapons come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve one goal: to eliminate whatever comes into contact with it.

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