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Get ready to survive on an island full of prehistoric creatures. Get your own ARK: Survival Evolved account and tons of in-game content today, making survival within this game an absolute breeze!

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About ARK: Survival Evolved

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were stranded on an island with dinosaurs and potentially hostile humans? Well, now is your chance. You are in total control of how large or small the dangers that await and how long you survive for. With over 176 creatures at hand for players to tame and capture, you’re required to build a base to protect yourself and treasures, collect resources and items, and tame dinosaurs to survive the dynamic day & night cycle.

As the storyline progressed, mythological creatures such as wyverns, phoenixes, and manticores were added on top of the existing prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs. Expansion packs also brought new types of robots into the game with entirely original designs. One example is an Enforcer robot with two axe-like weapons on its body that can be used for attacking or defense against enemies in battle.

The island is calling and you must answer. Find yourself stranded on the shores of a mysterious place. Use your skill to take down primeval creatures or learn how they ride them for transport. Survive by scavenging resources to craft tools and build a home that can withstand the elements. Pick seeds from those found around you or go on an adventure for food, but always make sure to plant your crops with dinosaur excrement. As time goes on in Ark: Survival Evolved, there's more than one way of becoming stronger. Earning points through leveling up is better suited towards improving stats like health regeneration rate (which grants immunity against death), all while being able to tame animals, so they fight beside you.

Humans and dinosaurs battle for dominance in this post-apocalyptic world. While dinosaurs pose a great threat, it's humans that kill you without hesitation. Join a community with other survivors and raid other tribes' bases to steal their resources. Fast-paced PvP allows you to take out your foes without mercy. If caught by an opponent, don't fret because there will always be another ally player ready to save you at any time.

Why Buy An ARK: Survival Evolved Account?

Just like mentioned above, we can keep going down the list of game features and what you need to accomplish in order to survive, but the workload for you is increasing at the same time. There is an easier way though. To optimize your survival experience, igitems proudly offers the safest and fastest ARK Survival Evolved Accounts in the market. Feel free to search for your favorite account here.

If there ever was one game where players could make up their own story from start to finish – never knowing what would happen next - then surely ARK: Survival Evolved would be it. This open-world survival title has been generating buzz since its release last year, thanks largely to how immersive the graphics are. Getting an ARK: Survival Evolved account will not only make you start with rich content, but there are other games to be included as well.

How to Buy An ARK: Survival Evolved Account?

Looking for an ARK: Survival Evolved account? There are plenty available on iGitems. Check out this quick guide on how you can proceed. Search through the list of all accounts available with the help of filters and locate your favorite one. Make sure you are 100% clear on all the account information and trading terms before finalizing your decision. Click the Buy Now button to make a payment using our secure payment gateway. After the payment goes through and the order is successfully placed, you can communicate with the seller to complete the transaction. In most cases, the account delivery should be instant. Finally, login, update credentials if needed, and enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved! Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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