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Buy ArcheAge Unchained Items - ArcheAge Unchained Items Marketplace

iGitems is your one-stop-shop for all things ArcheAge Unchained related. Whether you are looking to complete the game or just have a hard time acquiring specific rare items, we can help! With our vast selection of deals and offers, you’ll get an edge over other opponents in no time!

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About ArcheAge Unchained

Here is your first glance at ArcheAge Unchained. After passing through the Portal, what is known as "the Awakening", you find yourself on an island where all of your abilities are gone. You must fight to survive against monsters and other players until you can escape the prison that has been created around you.

Before entering the game, you will be able to customize your character appearance by selecting one of many Archetypes (classes), which represent heroes who once participated in The Rise. However, these archetypes were lost when The Cataclysm shattered not only their lives but also their fates. Thus begins your path towards creating a new story for yourself...

Once inside ArchAge Unchained, there are many decisions for you to make during gameplay. Some are easy, but some are not. With so many choices available to you at all times, it will be up to you to unlock your potential and become the hero of your own story.

ArchAge Unchained is a sandbox MMORPG that offers much freedom for each player to write their own destiny. Within this world, there are six races that can live on either faction or across them all. The Elves have no real enemies among the others; however, they cannot trust everyone due to their past experiences with Humans during The Rise. Meanwhile, Dwarves work almost exclusively with each other for trade using their superior mining skills. When it comes to battle though, they prefer fighting alongside Humans rather than apart from one another. The rest races are Nuians, Firran, and Harani, which are waiting for you to try out.

What Are ArcheAge Unchained Items?

For engaging MMORPG players, the prospect of having their own gear upgrades with unique properties is an exciting one. With twelve different qualities of AAU items to choose from and special bonuses depending on what type it belongs to, ArcheAge Unchained items offer a robust playing field for all types of players, especially optimization enthusiasts who want some extra edge in battle against opponents. ArcheAge Unchained has proved to take its item quality system to the next level compared to the original version ArcheAge, which creates intriguing mechanics for those who love experimenting and discovering meta builds.

The game's developer Gamigo is pushing for a NOT pay-to-win approach with ArcheAge Unchained. There will be tons of items to collect in this medieval fantasy realm that can cater to your needs, no matter if you are a survivalist, glory seeker, or trader. Some of the rare items can only be found here at igitems, find them now and purchase at iGitems where sellers welcome all customers with open arms.

Among all various stores in ArcheAge Unchained, one of them is called The Diligence Store. It is a treasure trove of cosmetic items. This store prioritizes skins for characters and has seasonal cosmetics that can be used on mounts or gliders, as well as swimsuits for Warborn.

Why Buy ArcheAge Unchained Items?

The developers of ArcheAge Unchained have made one thing abundantly clear: they do NOT want to create a pay-to-win experience. Unlike the original, where players could purchase items in-game and gain an advantage over others in terms of gameplay mechanics with these purchased amenities, Archeage Unchained opts for no such option available due to its "no pay-to-win" policy which appeals greatly to hundreds of thousands of current fans playing this title.

The developers disabled trading premium ArcheAge Unchained items which mean that players are forced into hard work in order to get any sort of advantage over the other competitors. With this feature, players are unable to speed up their progress in-game. This leaves those who can't spend multiple hours per day online at a disadvantage when compared with hardcore gamers that play all day long. Luckily for these less dedicated players, there is an option - buy ArcheAge Unchained items from iGitems so you're able to match them on par in terms of your gameplay.

How to Buy ArcheAge Unchained Items?

It’s as easy as the following steps:

  • Choose the item(s) you want to order.
  • Log in or register an account on iGitems.
  • Complete the payment and the seller will be notified of the order once payment has been received.
  • Set up a time and location where you and the seller can meet up to trade you the item(s) you ordered.
  • Enjoy your new item(s)!

Are Non Pure Cosmetics Items Available for Purchase?

Trading or gifting items in ArcheAge Unchained is not like other MMORPG. Recently the game has announced that gifting premium items in the game will be disabled, giving serious players an opportunity to consistently play and enjoy their experience without pay-to-win situations. This could be, on the other hand, bad news for players who simply don’t have time to grind the items they desire. But luckily, most premium items in ArcheAge Unchained are no longer gameplay affecting but instead merely cosmetics.

Then how about the items that can give your characters an advantage in terms of gameplay? The in-game market has gone through many changes and updates and whilst it once offered items to give your character an advantage in gameplay (such as gear), all marketplace-purchased goods are now purely cosmetic and hold no advantage in-game. This means if you are looking to purchase the types of items that have some sort of gameplay boost effect on them - it is suggested to make sure that when buying from anyone, check their legitimacy before making purchases.

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